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Sany group went to Loudi Economic Development Zone to discuss residential industrialization project

Sany group went to Loudi Economic Development Zone to discuss residential industrialization project

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will have to replace the new belt. Recently, Wen Wenping, deputy director of the President Office of Sany group, and his delegation went to Loudi Economic Development Zone, and the two sides held a discussion on residential industrialization project

as a housing industrialization base approved by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, Sany group is the only enterprise in China that can provide overall solutions for complete sets of PC equipment, and it is also a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry. The company has mastered the complete technology of PC equipment and its core technologies such as automation, intelligence and informatization, as well as the design, production and installation of PC. at present, it has more than 40 technical patents related to housing industrialization. Wen Wenping said that in the commercial concrete industry, Sany group has gathered a large number of customers. It has built a PC experimental factory in Changsha and completed the installation of PC production lines covering 30 provinces, autonomous regions and cities across the country. PRDC regards innovation as an important part of the company's future development. (1) the establishment and training of a more complete industrial system. The development trend of commercial concrete in the future will turn into large-scale industrialization, which will be more green, low-carbon and environmental friendly

Liang Lijian, Secretary of the Party committee of the economic development zone, said at the meeting that in recent years, the Sany Construction Group has made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Loudi and the economic development zone, and he is very looking forward to further deepening cooperation with Sany group. Liang Lijian said that Loudi is rich in raw materials for housing industrialization, with significant advantages in industry, especially in machinery manufacturing. The transformation and upgrading of housing industrialization and the adjustment of industrial structure are important starting points. A special meeting was held for research, and a series of supporting policies will be issued. The economic development Zone welcomes the settlement of Sany group, fully supports the settlement of the project, completes docking and service work, and makes further contributions to the development of the hometown

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