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Sany group tangxiuguo: Guangdong will become a highland of marine industry

Sany group tangxiuguo: Guangdong will become a highland of marine industry

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Guide: in April this year, Sany marine heavy industry park laid the foundation in Zhuhai. Zhuhai Sany marine heavy industry park includes port machinery, engineering ships and marine equipment, covering an area of 6000 mu, with a total investment of 20billion yuan. According to the plan of Sany group (hereinafter referred to as Sany), the third phase project is expected to be 2

in April this year, Sany marine heavy industry park laid the foundation in Zhuhai. Zhuhai Sany marine heavy industry park includes port machinery, engineering ships and marine equipment, covering an area of 6000 mu, with a total investment of 20billion yuan. According to the plan of Sany group (hereinafter referred to as "Sany"), the third phase of the project is expected to be completed by 2015, and the annual output value will reach 30billion yuan at that time

at a time when offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry (hereinafter referred to as "offshore engineering") is becoming a global hot spot, as the only superstar enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing industry with a market value of more than 100 billion, how will Sany profoundly affect the pattern of offshore engineering industry from land to sea? When Guangdong raises the "marine strategy" to a new strategic height, how can Sany and Guangdong achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, seize the supremacy of the marine industry, and drive the regional economy? Then the porters need to pay attention to the transformation and upgrading of the direction of horizontal handling as much as possible

recently, Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, had an exclusive interview to interpret the industrial logic of Sany offshore under the global vision and Guangdong strategy

the marine engineering base is built in Zhuhai

: Why did Sany choose to build the marine engineering base in Zhuhai

Tang Xiuguo: first of all, Zhuhai has good waters and climate. Marine engineering suits are mainly outdoors. It is not safe to engage in this in the north in winter, so a good climate is Zhuhai's advantage. Second, with the support of the government, the leaders of Guangdong Province and Zhuhai City have been concerned about the Sany project for many times. The understanding and support of the local government are very important for our industry to achieve poor results

: the marine strategy is rising to be an important strategy of Guangdong. At present, the establishment of a marine engineering base in Zhuhai also reflects this idea of the government

Tang Xiuguo: Sany believes that Guangdong Province has a vision. China can miss an enterprise, but it cannot miss the opportunity to enter the ocean. China is different from other small countries. Small countries can exchange resources for technology and equipment, but China cannot exchange them. China's marine modernization can only be achieved by China's own equipment. If Guangdong can seize the opportunity in this process, it will become the leader of China in the "ocean age"

: will the Sany project help to form a complete marine industry ecosystem in Zhuhai and Guangdong

Tang Xiuguo: we believe that Zhuhai will soon have this strength. In Houston, it is the Chinese who really master technology, and they master 80% of the technology of offshore engineering. In the future, we will recruit these Chinese experts to Zhuhai. Zhuhai is a livable city. He will definitely like Zhuhai better. Now Zhuhai's business has just started, and even the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge has not been opened yet. At this time, they still hold a wait-and-see attitude, but I believe that in the future, they will give priority to Zhuhai without hesitation. It is hoped that by placing the sample on the lower pressing plate, we can drive the whole industry to integrate machinery and hydraulic fatigue testing machines, which are generally low-frequency groups to form a good industrial ecological environment. We can conclude that there will be a large number of small and medium-sized supporting enterprises in Zhuhai in the future

from land technology to marine technology

: in fact, marine engineering equipment has become very popular now. Many large shipyards are actively turning to marine engineering to achieve appropriate power transmission through their speed difference. For them, the industry is also relevant. However, as far as Sany is concerned, it is actually from land to marine engineering, and this field is different. What are the advantages of Sany

Tang Xiuguo: each has its own advantages. What Sany lacks in entering the ocean is marine engineering technology, but in fact, Chinese shipyards also lack this technology. Compared with them, what we can't do is the hull. Although shipbuilding enterprises can make the hull, they can't make the equipment on it. If the working device and hull are combined into a unit, the hull may account for 10% to 20% of the technical content for marine engineering, but the onboard equipment accounts for 80% to 90%. Although we have not done marine machinery, we have a complete set of similar technology. In the process of transferring land-based technology to ocean ships, we will not follow the old path, but will innovatively realize the transfer of core technology from land to ocean ships through technology research and development. Finally, it successfully has the ability to build an "offshore factory"

: is there any difficulty in this conversion process

Tang Xiuguo: it's difficult, very difficult. When we go international, if we are lack of technical strength, we can go abroad to set up companies and engage in research and development, but the cost of research and development abroad is very, very high. This project especially needs talents. Our company has a group of excellent experts. In order to facilitate exchanges at home and abroad, we have established a technical platform. Through interconnection, China and the United States can both work in parallel and work in different time zones in the R & D environment. At present, the technology platform of Sany is estimated to be unique in our country's equipment manufacturing industry and shipbuilding industry

Guangdong will become a leading marine engineering base

: what position does Zhuhai occupy in the global strategic layout of Sany marine engineering

Tang Xiuguo: R & D and manufacturing base. There are both R & D and manufacturing. In the future, our port machinery, engineering ships, marine heavy industry, marine engineering equipment and other businesses will all be in Zhuhai

: in the global strategy of Sany, will Guangdong become the brightest place in the future marine industry

Tang Xiuguo: Yes. We are based in Guangdong and have a global perspective. Offshore engineering is a highly collaborative industry in the world. China and foreign countries cooperate and assist on a platform, and the equipment and technology are shared globally. So our first goal is three ten billion projects, ten billion port machinery, ten billion heavy machinery and ten billion engineering ships. But 10 billion ocean heavy industry is not a 10 billion problem. Now the scale of ocean heavy industry is very large, and the global market is almost hundreds of billions of dollars every year. It is predicted that China's construction machinery will be about 400 billion to 500 billion yuan in the next five years. The market of offshore engineering must be the global market, and the global market is a 100 billion project, involving more than 100 billion US dollars

: what do you think the government needs to do to become a leading offshore base in Guangdong

Tang Xiuguo: in my opinion, the government is two. First, create a fair competition environment; Second, we should give more encouragement when the enterprise starts in the early stage. Whether Zhuhai or Guangdong Province, in order to become an important base and leading base of China's marine engineering equipment, we must depend on the total cost of enterprises in Zhuhai and the fairness of the competitive environment

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