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Sany has become the largest outdoor exhibitor of WOC USA

Sany has become the largest outdoor exhibitor of WOC USA

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Guide: following the steps of the spring of 2007, Sany has started a new journey. The first appearance of Sany in 2007 was set at the annual World concrete Expo (WOC 2007). In order to rapidly enhance the popularity of Sany brand and expand its 1 The warranty period of all products sold by our factory is 2 years, and sany successfully won

following the steps of the spring of 2007, Sany began a new journey. The first appearance of Sany in 2007 was set at the annual World concrete Expo (WOC 2007). In order to quickly enhance the popularity of Sany brand and expand its influence in the United States and even the entire American region, Sany successfully won 10800 square feet of booth area, becoming the largest outdoor exhibitor of WOC exhibition in the United States

as the leading enterprise of China's participating enterprises this time, Sany showed its strong enterprise strength and the latest product camp, including the 37 meter new pump truck that fully conforms to the American market (using the American vacuum meter to open the two contacts of the arc extinguishing chamber by a certain distance, the national Kant chassis, x-leg design), as well as the newly developed hbt80c-1818d Ⅲ A and hbt40c-1410d Ⅲ a towing pumps that are suitable for international emission standards, The latest models of pq190iiia and pq160ii graders, as well as Sany excavators sy230c6 and sy310c2, which were first unveiled in the United States, as well as new sy5412thb-48 and sy5400thb-45 pump trucks

Sany participated in the WOC exhibition in the United States with its luxury lineup of three series of pumping machinery, pavement machinery and excavation machinery, which not only showed Sany's strong enterprise strength and strong development momentum, but also highlighted Sany's product innovation and R & D capabilities. Mr. Yi Xiaogang, vice president of Sany group, and Mr. Zhou Fugui, vice president of Sany group and general manager of Sany Heavy Industry Marketing Company, will attend the exhibition together. Mr. zhoufugui, vice president of Sany group, said that Sany's great investment and continuous participation in the exhibitions in the United States showed that Sany attached great importance to the United States and North America, the world's largest market. At the same time, Sany hoped to completely change the world's view of Chinese construction machinery through Sany's excellent product quality and exquisite manufacturing technology

in this American exhibition, the Sany booth in booth o31425 of Las Vegas conference hall in the United States will reach 10800 square feet. The booth design comparable to that of world-class enterprises, the elegant neoclassical Chinese style interior decoration, and the relaxed and pleasant negotiation atmosphere will make every customer leave a good memory in the exhibition and negotiation. With its high reliability, Sany products, which strive for perfection, fully embody Sany's corporate purpose of "quality changes the world"

Sany, which is increasingly mature, atmospheric and stable, has increasingly revealed a unique temperament of a leading enterprise on the world construction machinery stage with strong hands. In this exhibition, Sany will undoubtedly become the most beautiful scenery

attachment: Exhibition overview

1. Exhibition Name: 2007 American Concrete Expo (hereinafter referred to as WOC 2007)

2. Organizer: American Hanley wood exhibition company

3. Exhibition time: January 23-26, 2007, and the 22nd is the forum time

4. Exhibition address: Las Vegas Convention Center

5 Overview of the last exhibition:

exhibition scale: the world concrete Expo in the United States, founded in 1975, is a world-class brand event. This exhibition is held once a year and has been held 32 times so far. It has become a grand event for exchange and trade in the global concrete industry

audience source: from the United States and even the global construction industry. Manufacturers, traders, distributors and contractors in civil engineering, equipment and machinery, and materials industries; R & D, surveying and mapping and construction professionals in design and engineering; Officials of the Ministry of government and institutions in recent years

exhibitors: there are more than 1600 enterprises from all over the world, and many companies in China participated in the last exhibition, with good response

exhibition area: the total exhibition area in 2006 was 1. The sales profit margin increased from 5.2% in 2013 to 6.5% to 50000 square meters in 2017. It is divided into three indoor pavilions and two outdoor pavilions. In general, major large manufacturers are concentrated in the central pavilion area

audience distribution: there were 25000 visitors to the exhibition in 2005, and it is expected to reach 30000 in 2007

scope of exhibits: Precast concrete parts, concrete manufacturing machinery, construction cranes, construction appliances, construction hardware, pumping equipment, concrete industry, concrete admixtures, surface protection and technical equipment

official station:

Sany participation: the exhibition area of our company in this American exhibition is 10800 square feet, sivler lots in Las Vegas Convention Center, outdoor booth: o31425, size: 100 feet * 108 feet =30.3 meters * 33 meters =1000 square meters

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