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Sany group and Chia Tai Group entered the machinery industry in Myanmar

Sany group and Chia Tai Group entered the machinery industry in Myanmar

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on November 4, Sany group and Chia Tai Group held the signing ceremony of the letter of intent for Myanmar general agency cooperation in the true tower Telecom Building in Thailand. As industry leaders in their respective business areas, the two enterprises have carried out in-depth profit communication with the principles of mutual benefit, complementary advantages and win-win development. The two sides decided to cooperate in the field of construction machinery in Myanmar, with an annual output of 3 billion yuan, mining machinery and infrastructure

the signing ceremony opened. Before the commercialization of energy storage began, representatives of both sides held friendly talks. Li Shaozhu, vice chairman of Zhengda Group and chairman of Yichu industrial group, briefly introduced the scale of Zhengda Group and looked forward to the prospect of joint cooperation between the two sides. He hoped that through cooperation, the two sides could pay more attention to the details of products and make localized improvements according to the road conditions, customer needs and habits of Myanmar, so as to win the recognition of the local people and make the products more suitable for the development of Myanmar

later, Liang Linhe, director of Sany group, said that Sany was honored to cooperate with Chia Tai Group. Sany started from the welding industry and once won the gold award of the kingdom of Thailand. Now Sany has grown into the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China, the fifth largest in the world, and the largest concrete machinery manufacturer in the world. He stressed that Sany attaches great importance to product research and development and service quality, and has been in a leading position in the market for a long time. It is hoped that this cooperation can continue to expand to other regions in Southeast Asia based on the Myanmar market

after the talks, Xie Ming, a representative of Zhengda Group and vice chairman of Yichu industrial group, and Xie Feng, general manager of Sany Asia Pacific region, signed a letter of intent for cooperation. Since then, the cooperation between Chia Tai Group and sany group in Myanmar has officially opened

it is reported that Chia Tai Group is one of the largest Chinese multinational companies in the world, which is called Bufeng group outside China. Its business covers 2 BASF and printer manufacturer Hewlett Packard (HP) announced that they have reached cooperation in more than 0 countries and regions, with more than 400 companies and nearly 200000 employees. Industries include machinery, real estate, agriculture, telecommunications, retail, etc. For a long time, Chia Tai Group has adhered to the "three benefits principle", which is beneficial to the country, the people and the company. For the development of Myanmar, Chia Tai Group is full of confidence. Twenty years ago, Chia Tai Group cooperated with Myanmar and had a harmonious relationship with the local government

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