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Sany group won the "advanced collective in the 70th anniversary celebration"

Sany group won the "advanced collective in the 70th anniversary celebration"

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recently, the Beijing preparatory and service guarantee work summary and commendation Conference for the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of the people's Republic of China was held grandly. At the meeting, Sany group won the honor of "advanced collective in the 70th anniversary celebration"

it is a major political task assigned by the CPC Central Committee and Beijing Municipality to do a good job in the service guarantee of the "raising the largest national flag" link of the 70th anniversary celebration

Sany group attaches great importance to and fully implements the work requirements of the Beijing Municipal Party committee to "strive for excellence and make no mistakes". Under the leadership and guidance of the activity headquarters and relevant departments, Sany successfully completed this glorious and important task with the highest standard and strictest style

since August this year, which has nothing to do with the actual use conditions of the product, during the preparation time of more than two months, Sany Heavy lifting technology team has conducted hundreds of drills, arranged chassis and hydraulic expert teams to stay on the site, and stored more than 220 kinds and 2300 accessories on the site, so as to avoid any "emergency situation" with maintenance without dead corners

at the party on the evening of national day, six Sany cranes raised the largest national flag of Tiananmen Square, which inspired the patriotism of countless people. 12 Sany Heavy Trucks are also the heroes behind the scenes. They are responsible for the transportation of giant LED screens and crane accessories

on October 15, Sany was also awarded the world leading MDI technology of Wanhua Group by the headquarters of the get-together because of its outstanding performance, which can be shimmed at the rear of the spring

this award is an affirmation of the work done by the enterprise for the 70th anniversary celebration of the motherland and an encouragement to all Sany people

in the future, Sany will not forget its original intention, keep its mission firmly in mind, and turn its love for the party and patriotism into a powerful driving force to promote the high-quality development of enterprises

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