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Sany group "tuhaojin" heavy truck cab unveiled at Shanghai BMW exhibition

Sany group "tuhaojin" heavy truck cab unveiled at Shanghai BMW exhibition

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located in the key parts industry chain of Sany group, the focus of the industry is smart factory - a body company with new technology and new direction of modern factory informatization development, For the first time, seven types of high-end engineering machinery cabins, including the latest "tuhaojin" heavy truck cab, were unveiled at the recently opened BMW Shanghai Exhibition

the seven types of products on display are quite representative, with novel shapes and a strong sense of modernity. "Tuhaojin" heavy truck cab and water drop shaped crawler crane cab have attracted many visitors. It is reported that the suspension of "tuhaojin" cab has high shock absorption and comfort performance up to the international advanced level. The cab has been serialized, with flat top, medium high top, high top row half and small row half models. The small excavation cab and cross-country crane cab adopt advanced bending technology to achieve flexible and round shape, which fully highlights the grade and high refinement level of body products. During the exhibition, the most consulted by customers is the mine car cab. Its diamond cutting is indeed a better material shape to solve the current problems of energy storage density and fast charging. The large-scale material structure can fully meet the needs of special vehicles in the market

During the exhibition, Sany Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IBM to comprehensively promote process optimization and system implementation, assist Sany group to build a world-class process management system for equipment manufacturing industry, and build a world-class process organization

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