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Printing industry: looking for a new path of growth

having experienced the joy of rapid development and the hardships of market changes, the current printing industry is facing a reshuffle. Under unprecedented pressure, some printing enterprises are exploring innovative breakthroughs, some enterprises are still waiting to stop, and some enterprises are helpless to withdraw. As Wang Lijie, the president of the printing technology magazine and the editor in chief of the printing intensity and high brush manager, said: in the next decade, China's printing enterprises will experience an important shuffle period that can reduce their weight by about 20%. At a time when the printing industry is experiencing the pain of transformation, the 11th National Printing managers' annual meeting called for the annual inspection of such products. 1. Experimental instruments for non-metallic materials; The theme of how to create new growth points is the choice and breakthrough in confusion. How can enterprises transform and upgrade? Where is the core driving force of enterprise development? How to establish an innovation system combining production, study and research? How to improve creative design ability? How to use digital technology to transform traditional printing? Representatives of digital top 100 enterprises and equipment manufacturers discussed and shared their successful breakthrough experience on the hot issues of the current industry around the topic of breakthrough

from OEM to diversification, the counter attack was successful.

representative enterprise: Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd.

Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd. is famous in the industry. The company has more than 18000 employees, covers an area of nearly 1000 mu, has a cumulative investment of more than 1.9 billion yuan, and the export volume of the previous year exceeded 2.5 billion yuan. People who have been to Artos' factory in Heshan City, Guangdong Province, are full of praise for the ultra-high greening rate in its factory and the staff dormitory area including the golf course. However, even so, Feng Guangyuan, chairman of Artus, said at the annual meeting that when the printing industry is facing challenges, Artus is also experiencing confusion, as well as challenges from the adverse economic environment and the impact of digital media

even if you experience difficulties, you should also see through to find business opportunities. Feng Guangyuan said that Artus, which has always been dominated by exports, has tried to realize the transformation from OEM production to traditional printing products + science and technology in recent years, which is a major strategic choice made by Artus in line with the situation. For this reason, Artus vigorously developed the application of electronic printing, and successively applied it to intelligent packaging, books and toys, making printing products more diversified, and breaking through the internal information management reform, industrial chain extension, internal and external logistics integration, etc

it is worth mentioning that the film electronic printing products independently developed by Artus in recent years are favored by the market. The combination of sound, light and action effects makes the content of books richer and interactive, which greatly improves the added value of products

as long as printing enterprises take the initiative to make breakthroughs, they will surely usher in broad prospects. Feng Guangyuan said forcefully at the end of his speech

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