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Wenzhou printing and packaging machinery market demand is strong

Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province has attracted the attention of the world for many times with its unique economic development model. In recent years, the clothing, electrical appliances, glasses and footwear industries in Wenzhou have achieved considerable development. The development of these industries has made them put forward higher requirements for their own product packaging, which has created a huge development space for the printing and packaging industry in Wenzhou. Wenzhou's printing and packaging industry has also made remarkable achievements. In 2003, the title of "China Printing City" was settled in Wenzhou, which is the best affirmation of the development of Wenzhou's printing and packaging industry

the printing and packaging industry is one of the four pillar industries in Wenzhou. It hopes to establish the national recommended standard of green logistics and rise to the national mandatory standard 1. At present, Wenzhou has more than 2300 printing and packaging enterprises, and the total industrial output value of the printing industry has reached 13.3 billion yuan, accounting for about 15% of the total national printing and packaging industry. Wenzhou's printing and packaging market is well-developed, and has developed into a series of industrial bases integrating the production, supply and sales of printing and auxiliary materials, including self-adhesive printing, flexible packaging printing, paper printing, anti-counterfeiting trademark printing, etc. Since the early 1990s, Wenzhou has introduced nearly a thousand sets of equipment with the world's cutting-edge printing and packaging technology (if not replaced in time, it will affect the test results), and nearly 2000 sets of domestic advanced applicable equipment. The technical equipment and product quality have reached the domestic leading level

considering the long-term development of Wenzhou printing industry and further improving the brand advantages and market competitiveness of Wenzhou printing and packaging enterprises, Wenzhou municipal government and Wenzhou printing industry association have formulated new development plans for Wenzhou printing and packaging industry ② The fixture itself has no fixed structure (for example, the metal wire can be clamped by surrounding method, or two flat clamping goals can be adopted. Ouyangming said that focusing on consolidating and improving the printing of multi-color high-speed offset press, developing green printing, increasing the proportion of flexographic printing, expanding special personalized printing, implementing the "big printing concept" according to social needs, and gradually realizing it "Digital networking before printing, high-speed printing, exquisite automation after printing, and high-quality serialization of equipment", and it is planned that the annual output value of Wenzhou printing and packaging industry will reach 16billion yuan by 2007. The rapid development of Wenzhou printing and packaging industry in recent years has made the market demand for printing and packaging machinery very broad. At the same time, the construction climax of the World Packaging Organization Asian Packaging Center (Hangzhou), Jinhua International Packaging City and other projects will bring new opportunities to the printing and packaging machinery market in Wenzhou and even the whole Zhejiang region

source: China Packaging News

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