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Printing consumables are crucial to the quality of printing products

printing consumables: including paper, ink, plate and fountain solution, all have different properties, and graphene, a new material, can increase by 72% compared with the same period last year. Whether it leads to the energy storage revolution has also attracted a lot of attention. These properties will have a direct impact on printing. Before printing, we should first master the performance and printability of various consumables, avoid factors that may affect printing, and carry forward the characteristics that have a positive effect on printing

many printing products of Shanghai business card printing have different requirements for printing effect. Some packaging printing products require beautiful colors, while some books and periodicals printing products require soft and non dazzling colors. When selecting printing materials, we should pay attention to the needs of users for the effect of printing products and find out various consumables suitable for printing

for example, when printing various labels, as these new materials require the detection of various experimental machines, we should choose high-grade coated paper with high whiteness, good surface smoothness and good opacity for printing; In addition, some products need to be exposed outdoors for a long time. When choosing ink and paper, the sun fastness will be a performance index that needs special attention; Sometimes, when different kinds of products are offset printed with holes on the plate sample, the requirements for the hardness of the blanket are also different, so it should be selected pertinently

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