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Printing and packaging manufacturing industry should optimize its main business and enter the robot industry

[China Packaging News] recently, a number of printing and packaging equipment and material manufacturing related enterprises such as Shanghai Electromechanical, Shanghai Lvxin, Dongfang Seiko and Songde Co., Ltd. entered the robot industry through wholly-owned acquisitions, joint ventures and shareholding, which attracted the attention of the industry

among them, Songde shares plans to acquire 100% equity of Daewoo Jingdiao at a price of 980million by means of non-public offering and cash payment. Shanghai Lvxin and Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. signed the memorandum on asset Listing 6. Bidding for equipping ammeters, voltmeters or power meters. Once the bidding is successful, Shanghai Lvxin will purchase 100% of the assets of Shanghai shenweida and Shanghai Ziguang, but there is uncertainty about whether the bid is successful. The announcement also said that if the purchase of assets is completed, It will become an important platform for the company to enter the field of cloud printing and intelligent robots. Shanghai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with Japan nabotesk Co., Ltd. to establish Shanghai nabotesk transmission equipment Co., Ltd. in the form of 51% holding, which is engaged in the related business of precision reducer and enters the robot industry. After acquiring 20% of the shares of Guangdong Jiateng robot and becoming its second largest shareholder, Dongfang Seiko entered the automation robot industry

in fact, the manufacturing enterprises of printing and packaging equipment and materials enter the field of intelligent robots, or it has nothing to do with the printing industry, and its market is broader. The entry of Shanghai Electromechanical into the robot industry has little to do with the printing industry. Shanghai Electromechanical has gradually abandoned its printing and packaging machinery sector in order to better focus on the potential sector it believes. Songde said that entering the robot industry is an extension expansion

Dongfang Seiko said that the purpose of entering the robot industry is to build its own automated intelligent logistics system, meet customers' one-stop equipment procurement needs, improve the production efficiency of corrugated box packaging enterprises and reduce production personnel

Youqing stew Wangcai, who used to work in beiren, expressed doubts about the application of intelligent robots in the printing machinery manufacturing industry. He wrote on @ I want to print Weibo: personally, with such a small market scale of printing machinery manufacturing, coupled with the dependence of printing machine assembly process on experience, machine workers may be able to assemble some parts, but it is difficult to achieve in the whole machine assembly, which has limited effect on improving the quality of assembly and manufacturing, Whether it can reduce manufacturing costs remains to be seen

the extensive expansion of Songde shares coincided with the severe period of business situation

the semi annual report of Songde shares in September showed that in order to meet this challenge, the sales revenue in 2014 was 125.061 million yuan, a decrease of 3.3% compared with the same period of last year. Affected by the decline of comprehensive gross profit margin and the sharp rise of expense rate during the period, the level of net profit from sales decreased significantly, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was 3.074 million yuan, a decrease of 85.42% compared with the same period of last year. In terms of the reasons for the decline in the comprehensive gross profit margin, the semi annual report said that in order to maintain and consolidate the market share, the company adjusted the selling prices of some products, resulting in the decline in the gross profit margin of some products, insufficient capacity utilization, and the inability to effectively dilute fixed costs, resulting in a 12.03 percentage point decline in the comprehensive gross profit of the company in the first half of the year compared with the same period last year. The reason for the sharp rise in the cost rate during the period was that the company increased its product research and development and marketing efforts to cope with the changing market, resulting in a year-on-year increase of more than 20% in the cost of research and development, sales and other periods

the semi annual report shows that there are major loopholes in the management of Songde's accounts receivable. As of June 30, 2014, the semi annual report disclosed that the net amount of accounts receivable was 127.8846 million yuan, accounting for 102.3% of the total operating income. Among them, the accounts receivable at the end of the semi annual report increased by 30.59% compared with the beginning of the period. Songde said that due to fierce market competition, it relaxed its credit

but the semi annual report also shows that the amount of orders signed but not delivered by the company is about 147million yuan. That is, if 147million yuan is received, its statements will be greatly improved. However, if the macroeconomic situation worsens further or the company's market development cannot be followed up synchronously, there will be the risk of insufficient follow-up orders and the cancellation of existing orders

the report of the information Morning Post "Songde shares: three years of decline in performance, starting mergers and acquisitions to save lives" said that Songde's revenue, net profit, and gross profit margin of paper concave and plastic concave machines fell for three consecutive years. In 2011 and 2013, the company achieved revenue of 238 million yuan, 244 million yuan, and 203 million yuan, including the bed body. The revenue increased by 2% year-on-year 64%, -16.8%, and the net profit was 39.45 million yuan, 22.69 million yuan and -21.73 million yuan, with a decrease of 42.48% and 196%. The gross profit margin of the company's paper concave machine decreased from 46.92% in 2010 to 30.62% in 2013; The gross profit margin of the plastic concave machine decreased from 30.48% in 2012 to 23.31% in 2013

in the summary of the report on Songde Machinery Co., Ltd. issuing shares and paying cash to purchase assets and raising supporting funds and related party transactions (Draft) released by Songde in August 2014, Songde expressed its attitude towards traditional main industries and emerging industries: while continuing to maintain the largest market share of domestic folding carton paper concave machine, it should take a cautious attitude towards the investment of gravure printing machine; For emerging industries, we will cut into the emerging markets represented by new (energy) material equipment and optoelectronic material equipment from the traditional field of printing equipment, extend the product application field from packaging materials to non packaging materials, implement the extension expansion strategy, and gradually explore other application fields based on the principle of mechanical control. Entering the robot industry is what sonde calls an extended expansion industry. Songde believes that automated and intelligent machinery and equipment to replace traditional manual labor production is an important direction for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

the main business should be optimized to follow the fashion and enter the new industry. There is a high risk

with regard to the recent phenomenon that some enterprises have set foot in the robot industry, panxiaodong believes that there is a phenomenon of following the trend. He said: there is a phenomenon of following the trend in the domestic printing industry. From 3D printing to cloud printing, some enterprises have set foot in succession, which makes them feel fashionable. However, if the transformation industry of an enterprise does not proceed from its own reality, there are great risks. As a result of the transformation, there are two possibilities, one is the possibility of success, the other is the possibility of failure. Be sure to think clearly

as Shanghai Lvxin and Songde are 100% mergers, the merger amount of Songde is even as high as 980million. If the investment fails, the consequences are difficult to estimate. As mentioned above, the main business of Songde has been declining for nearly three years. In order to change the decline of the main business, can we find vitality by developing emerging industries or extended industries? Panxiaodong disagreed. He revealed that he would participate in the Expert Symposium hosted by Shanghai Packaging Group on August 27, and wanted to express a view at the meeting: there is still a lot of room for the printing industry to transform to packaging and make its product level more high-end. On the contrary, it is more risky to throw away the main business that we are good at, catch up with fashion and set foot in new industries than to invest a lot of people and money to optimize the main business and make products high-end. This is the same as the transformation of printing equipment and material manufacturers. Shi Jianping, the former chief engineer of Shanghai Ziguang and now an expert of Shanghai Flexo Printing Association, also felt the same: now manufacturing enterprises have transformed their robot business in a swarm, can they really stop the decline of these companies? I am not optimistic about this practice

it can be seen from the above that there are major loopholes in the accounts receivable management of Songde. In addition, in 2014, Songde's plastic concave machine orders shrank compared with the same period last year, resulting in a 77.4% decrease in sales compared with the same period last year. Whether the reason is the product itself or the market needs to be deeply analyzed. Hong Jun, sales director of Shanghai Yaoke machinery, disagrees that Songde's sales decline is related to excessive packaging and national restrictions on three public consumption. He believes that Songde has not focused on its main business. At the same time, he believes that Songde's equipment to enter the cigarette bag market is not comparable to imported machines

of course, I am not opposed to printing equipment or material manufacturers entering the robot industry, but the premise is that the market needs and customers can be found. I object to losing the main business of printing equipment. Finally, pan Xiaodong said

background note: four listed companies layout robot industry event playback

Shanghai Lvxin (002565), which specializes in the production of green environmental protection packaging material vacuum aluminized paper, announced on August 13 that Shanghai Lvxin packaging material technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. have transferred 100% of the property rights of Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Ziguang Machinery Co., Ltd. they hold, The memorandum on asset listing and bidding was signed on August 13, 2014, announcing that the company will become an important platform for the company to enter the field of cloud printing and intelligent robots after completing the purchase of assets

on August 18, Songde Co., Ltd. (300173), a supplier of gravure printing machines and complete sets of equipment, disclosed a major asset restructuring plan in the evening. It plans to acquire 100% equity of Shenzhen Dayu Jingdiao Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dayu Jingdiao) at a price of 980million in the form of non-public offering and cash payment, and layout the robot business. Daewoo precision carving is an enterprise engaged in the research, production and marketing of automation, intelligent special equipment and robot automatic production lines based on precision carving machines

Shanghai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. (600835), the parent company of Shanghai Electric Group Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., announced on August 15 that Shanghai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. had jointly established Shanghai nabotsk transmission equipment Co., Ltd. with Japan nabotsk Co., Ltd. to engage in precision reducer related businesses, of which Shanghai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. accounted for 51% of the equity. Nabo is the global leader in the precision reducer, the core component of industrial robots, accounting for 60% of the global market share of precision reducer for industrial robots

Dongfang Seiko (002611), a provider of overall solutions for carton packaging equipment, issued the announcement on cash subscription for 20% equity of Guangdong Jiateng Robot Automation Co., Ltd. on June 23 this year. After the acquisition, it will become the second largest shareholder of Guangdong Jiateng robot, and thus enter the automation robot industry, which will help to build its own automated intelligent logistics system and meet customers' one-stop equipment procurement needs, Improve the production efficiency of corrugated box packaging enterprises and reduce production personnel

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