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Printing e-commerce: it changes not only the way of receiving orders, but also the way of trading, which can solve some challenges in non printing fields, such as controlling and allocating marketing funds and improving the influence of brands. Trading brings not only changes in trading methods, but also means many, many

if you just regard e-commerce as a simple change in the transaction mode between you and your customers, once you really start using e-commerce, you will find a lot of problems. Indeed, e-commerce is a way of payment, but the real factor that makes it unique is that e-commerce can bring a lot of value-added

now, the truly successful printing enterprises are not destined to simply do printing. Here, they do not include those enterprises that simply combine QR QR code, PURLs and other printing services, or those printing enterprises that provide corresponding services under the banner of marketing service providers and with the help of cross media marketing means. No, absolutely not

the sales value-added services of printing enterprises mentioned by the author here mean that these services are non mainstream parts outside the transaction, but these services often become the key factor to promote the transaction in the sales. For example, many large chain retail enterprises will not contact printing enterprises with little things. They will have marketing budgets and brand control management. Some of these marketing budgets are for printing, and brand control will also be integrated into these printing products

sales are not for printing, but for unified control of decentralized marketing budgets. Another great advantage of fiber reinforced composites is that they will not rust and local vacancies. Note: this has nothing to do with using ink or toner for printing only. Also note: this kind of increase home rest assured to understand the value is absolutely only the order system can provide. Guess this kind of talk will happen. Where is the serious environmental pollution caused by plastic granulator? This can only be a high-end communication with the customer's marketing director or financial director. If you do this, you will always keep your business

printing e-commerce can provide printing enterprises with value-added advantages beyond printing production, allowing them to go deep into the organizational structure of customers, so as to gain more business. This kind of high molecular material is a typical non crosslinked linear high molecular material

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