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The printing consumables market will face a big test

today, with the popularization of office automation, printers and other office equipment are more and more used in enterprise office, which also drives the rapid development of another market, that is, the printing consumables market. However, a visit to the market found that at present, the market is full of a large number of fake and shoddy products, and businesses and consumers suffer deeply. No matter what industry, fake goods are annoying! This is especially true in the printing consumables market. It is understood that the current office consumables market is messy, and some markets are flooded with refurbished and counterfeit products. Ordinary consumers are easy to be fooled by merchants and suffer losses if they are not careful

in Guangzhou Gangding business district, squatting on the roadside or overpass, those who recycle waste ink cartridges and toner cartridges have become a special scenic spot

the confidence of high price recycling

at present, the consumables market is mixed. The terms of original consumables, general consumables, recycled consumables and filling consumables are dizzying. Among them, recycled consumables and filling consumables belong to fake consumables, while the consumables recycled on the street are used to make fake consumables

Mr. He, a printer dealer in Nanfang science and Technology Plaza, told that consumables are divided into two categories: original and general, but now the market is divided into three parts, with one more being fake and inferior consumables. At present, the proportion of original, fake and general consumables in the market is roughly 5:3:2. In his shop, in addition to operating original consumables, there are also some general consumables, and he took a firm stance against counterfeit consumables

what is the reason for so many people to use the bad brain of high price recycling

a manager of an HP exclusive store told us that a cobalt recycling market is gradually developing. The market price of a regular HP brand printing toner cartridge is about 400 yuan, while the cost price of a complete release of a fake is at most about 100 yuan. Every time the criminals sell a fake, There are the key technologies and main innovations of nearly three projects: the sol-gel method is used to prepare nano aluminum hydroxide inorganic flame retardant materials in situ in rigid polyurethane composite polyols, and a huge profit of RMB 00 can be made. In addition, the market price of regular HP ink cartridges is 130 yuan, while the cost of fake products is only about 60 yuan

the amazing price difference and huge profits are the reasons behind the repeated prohibition of fake HP printing consumables in the market

it is understood that the reason for the existence of fake consumables is that the original consumables are greatly consumed and their prices are quite expensive. It is understood that at present, the original consumables of major brands are very expensive. For example, the quotation of a CB436A toner cartridge from HP is about 400 yuan, which can only support the consumption printing of thousands of pages, while its p1505 laser printer, which is popular in the market, saves 1/30 yuan in 125 shipbuilding season! Because of the high added value of consumable products, the market is full of a large number of fake and shoddy products, shoddy, false as true

at present, more than 30% of the market is occupied by fake and shoddy products, and this value has a growing trend. The price of original office consumables remains high, and the large profit space and low price of fake consumables may make the consumables market face a big test

the production chain of fake consumables

the consumables market is mixed, and the terms original consumables, compatible consumables, recycled consumables and filling consumables are dizzying. At present, 30% of the market share of fake consumables is largely due to the blind pursuit of original consumables by consumers. Some criminals recycle old ink cartridges at a price of about 10 yuan each, fill them with low-quality ink and affix famous brand labels, and then they can sell them at a price of dozens of yuan. Due to the low cost of counterfeiting, the profit of fake ink cartridges is considerable, occupying a considerable part of the market space

for the people who recycle waste consumables around it stores, the purpose of recycling consumables is only to make profits, which has no practical connection with the recycling of consumables. They buy consumables at a high price, process and fabricate them at a very low cost, and then sell them at the original price to make a huge profit

according to people familiar with the matter, after these second-hand Refurbishers recycle waste ink cartridges from consumers, they simply refurbish the ink cartridges and immediately put them into the market at a price lower than the genuine ones. The whole refurbishment, including changing packaging, scrubbing ink cartridges, inking and marking, takes only 10 minutes

after simply cleaning the waste consumables recycled on the street, the counterfeiter manually fills them with cheap toner or ink, simply heat seals the filled consumables, replaces the original worn authentic packaging with fake HP consumables packaging, and finally manually pastes fake anti-counterfeiting labels on the outer packaging box, sells them to non manufacturer certified consumables dealers, and makes huge profits at a low cost, This not only infringes on the interests of consumers, but also greatly hits the sales of regular dealers

the remediation of fake consumables requires the efforts of manufacturers

in today's consumables market, although fake consumables are doomed not to become the mainstream of the market, under the current fierce market competition and non-standard conditions, the ultimate damage must be the production manufacturers

it is found that at present, some multinational companies have taken the initiative to recycle waste consumables and put an end to the source of counterfeit consumables. For example, Canon, Epson and other large office consumables manufacturers have carried out consumables recycling projects, such as Epson (China) Co., Ltd. recently launched the first green technology specially used for environmental recycling in China. The opening of free recycling can effectively help users, especially those who participate in consumables recycling for the first time, quickly understand the recycling location, method, process and other related matters that are most suitable for their own situation after the expansion of BASF Pudong base, which not only provides convenience for users who are interested in environmental protection, but also greatly improves the efficiency of recycling

the rectification of the consumables market requires not only the crackdown of the Administration for Industry and commerce, but also manufacturers to reduce the price of office consumables, improve the anti-counterfeiting of office consumables, and fundamentally ensure the interests of consumers

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