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Printing companies and research institutes jointly promote energy-saving production

South Deutsche press printing company undertakes the task of improving the energy efficiency and sustainable production of the printing center. The goal of the task is to continuously reduce energy use, not only reduce costs, but also reduce carbon emissions. Under the background of the old equipment that has been used for 10 years and the plant built in 1984, this energy-saving task makes enterprises face special challenges. Therefore, the cooperation between the printing company of South Deutschland and the printing Research Institute of Fogra in Germany has achieved preliminary results

enterprises need foreign assistance

if we have the opportunity to re plan and implement the whole production in a green way, our energy use level will be completely different from the current situation. Fortunately, the design level of the plant built in 1984 is very high, and all the materials at that time have been preserved. Therefore, there is no need to build new plants or purchase a full set of production equipment. What is needed is to supplement, rebuild or carefully replace the existing equipment. The technician of the printing company of South Deutschland newspaper described this

This plays an important role in the miniaturization of batteries

in this regard, the most important measure is to analyze the total emissions, production process, use of materials, building equipment and all related problems arising therefrom, find out the weak links, and formulate alternative solutions. Because there are often multi-level and interlaced relationships in different fields, corresponding professional knowledge is needed in the implementation. Therefore, the problems we face must be solved in different sub projects. Even a large newspaper printing plant like the South Deutsche press printing company cannot reach the required depth in all fields involved, covering all professional skills. Therefore, printing companies must hire consultants from outside

win-win cooperation

the Fogra Institute has the qualification of energy consultant trained and certified by the German Association for technical supervision, which can be used to meet the growing needs of printing enterprises for effective energy utilization and sustainable production. The director of the Institute said: it is also an opportunity for us to cooperate with the newspaper printing plant, because the plant provides a broad research space in the subject of energy efficiency because of its size and complexity. Within the scope of cooperation, we can not only put forward targeted plans, but also see with interest how this printing enterprise analyzes, distinguishes and implements different requirements

the project team composed of technicians from two units meets regularly at the important stage of the project. The staff of the printing company cooperated with the experts of the research institute to install electricity meters on various consumers in order to accurately collect and analyze the power consumption at that time. In this way, when the later specific measures are implemented, the energy-saving effect can be confirmed

the company's engineers said that the energy experts of the Fogra Institute are the fixed members of our company's energy-saving projects. They help us with documentation and various statistical evaluations, and also provide expertise in the possibility of using public support programs

the update of the equipment was successful

at present, the printing company has updated the old-fashioned cooler. By adopting turbine cooler and integrating the cooler in the plant, about 50000 euros of electricity can be saved every year. However, it is not enough to replace an old-fashioned cooler with a cooler with the latest technology. The whole cooling system must be adapted. The current must be circulated from the loop line, and the circulation pump and valve are constantly used to control and optimize this circulation

the new turbine cooler has good performance. The printing company has purchased a second one at present because it is the general trend to replace steel with aluminum alloy. In the final expansion of the plant, the printing company will use three coolers with the same cooling capacity to replace the cooling system composed of four old coolers, and strive to reduce the total energy consumption by 1.35 million kwh every year, which will significantly reduce the energy demand. These measures will also save repair and maintenance costs. The initial success of the cooperation has filled both sides with confidence, and the two sides will continue to carry out constructive cooperation in the future

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