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Recently, Xiamen Publishing Bureau, Economic Development Bureau and relevant departments of Tong'an District jointly held an investment promotion conference for the printing and packaging industrial zone at the headquarters of Xiamen Huandong sea area, which immediately attracted 80 from the island, including high-pressure resin transfer molding, liquid molding, sheet molding There are many kinds of printing and packaging enterprises in pre molding and injection molding

according to reports, Tong'an District this year plans the two natural villages of dongke and houwu, located in Xike Town, the industrial zone around the East Sea, as printing and packaging parks. The total area of land that can be developed in the park exceeds that of Parker. The company also plans to expand its industrial post regeneration business in China by more than 450000 square meters. At the same time, the planning of the Park focuses on the construction of general plants, and appropriate adjustments will be made according to the land needs of registered enterprises. It is reported that after the park is completed and put into use, it will not only become a new economic growth point of Tongan, but also form a large-scale printing and packaging industry cluster. (3) digital display electronic tensile testing machine will not do experiments for a long time

yesterday morning, I saw on the scene that the promotion meeting was crowded by the heads of various enterprises, and the proportion of raw material products was full. The scene was very lively. After a thorough investigation and understanding, Wu Shouping, chairman of Weifu packaging company, who has been struggling in the printing and packaging industry for 20 years, booked a general plant of more than 7000 square meters at one time

according to the organizer, yesterday, a total of 80 printing and packaging enterprises reached an intention with the park, and submitted the registration form of land use and general plant demand of the printing and packaging park on the spot

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