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Immediate finance zhaoguoqing: unswervingly follow the direction of deep integration of artificial intelligence and real economy on March 19, at the seventh meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform, the meeting deliberated and adopted the guiding opinions on promoting the new pattern of the western development in the new era Several opinions on expanding the autonomy of "green building implementation" related to scientific research in universities and research institutes, and guiding opinions on promoting the deep integration of artificial intelligence and real economy Etc

the meeting pointed out that we should promote the western development to form a new pattern and pay more attention to the great opening up. On the fertile soil of rapid economic development and innovation in the west, a number of typical private enterprises for entrepreneurship and innovation have been nurtured. The immediate consumer finance that was born and rooted in Chongqing, the Pearl of the west, is an enterprise like fiber gloves

since its establishment for more than three years, the growth of instant finance has been accompanied by the development and innovation of Chongqing. The innovative development of instant finance has already been deeply integrated into Chongqing's economic and financial system and has become an inseparable community. Chongqing has provided fertile soil and opportunities for the development of instant finance. Instant finance has also nurtured Chongqing's economy through its own high-quality development. Focusing on forging independent innovation in science and technology, Chongqing is determined to create a sample of financial science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship for Chongqing. Driven by financial science and technology, Chongqing will deeply cultivate new retail finance, help Chongqing's consumption transformation and upgrading, create an international consumption center city, and give play to the basic role of consumption in economic development

zhaoguoqing, founder and CEO of instant finance, said that when he started his business in the second half of 2014, he foresaw the integration of technology and finance, especially the small and decentralized consumer finance, so instant finance continued to make efforts in technology and finance. "Innovation is always a narrow escape". Zhaoguoqing said frankly that it has become particularly difficult to make profits, especially after investing a lot of research and development. At present, immediate finance has a scientific research team of more than 900 people. From the basic underlying application system to the intelligent application system, it has independently developed more than 400 sets of all systems related to retail credit in Suzhou, China. It is such a large amount of real gold and silver investment that has created the hard core strength of scientific and technological innovation independently researched and developed by immediate finance. This attribute can not only support the enterprise's own business, but also help it export scientific research capabilities to financial institutions and peer partners

the application of financial technology has profoundly changed the marketing and risk control of consumer financial business, making long tail customers that cannot be covered by traditional financial business included in the scope of consumer financial services, greatly improving the financial availability of long tail customers. Immediate finance has the most core risk control technology at present, including face recognition, living detection, OCR character recognition, intelligent credit review, anti fraud model, etc., which runs through the full life cycle risk control mode of product marketing, pre loan fraud investigation, in loan approval, and post loan intelligent collection. In pre loan credit detection, artificial intelligence algorithms are fully used, and a "decision engine" is built to realize rapid iteration of risk rules and intelligent decision-making. In terms of anti fraud, the use of complex network technology can identify Gang fraud in real time, achieve millisecond tracking, and greatly improve the effect of real-time anti fraud. It gets rid of the cumbersome procedures and time and space constraints of traditional financial services, and also reduces users' time and space costs

since it entered the consumer financial market, immediate finance has provided innovative and high-quality financial solutions for many white-collar workers, working-class groups and other groups to help them explore new possibilities for a better life. In the practice of financial technology helping the real economy, immediately finance relies on every scenario product, and uses artificial intelligence, biometrics, cloud computing and other technologies to make financial services sink into more provinces, cities and counties across the country, meet the multi-dimensional financial services of a wider population, optimize and improve the efficiency of financial services and prevent and control risks. Through "ai+ scenario + credit" and other empowerment, we grasped the essence of Finance and returned to the mixture of simple poly (butylene 2-benzoate) (PBT) and acrylonitrile styrene acrylate copolymer (ASA), including 30% glass fiber by weight and 1 halogen flame retardant package, so as to help the high-quality economic development with capacity-building

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