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Zhangzhiyuan: summary and analysis of the situation of the printing machine industry

the following is a detailed and objective analysis of the situation of China's printing machinery industry according to the speech recorded by honorary chairman zhangzhiyuan at the Hangzhou conference

in 2013, the association counted eight indicators of the printing machine industry, seven of which showed negative growth, and only one new product showed positive growth

among the 13 small industries in the machinery industry, only the printing machinery industry has a negative growth, followed by the cultural office industry, which is close to a negative growth, and the other 11 industries show that the growth rate has dropped, or the growth rate has narrowed, or the growth rate has slowed down. Easy wear and tear all reflect positive growth. This has a great impact on the hearts of our printing machine industry operators, followed by increased doubts about the development of the industry

from 2011 to 2013, 10 printing machine enterprises withdrew from this industry successively due to the reason that they could not continue to operate. For example, xiige in Zhenjiang; Guanghua of Wuxi; Access to Jiangxi; Shenli group in Wenzhou; Ruirong in Wenzhou; Dalian Dadi, etc. Although the withdrawal of such enterprises has little vibration in the industry, it has an impact on the morale of industry operators

in particular, the 16 small enterprises in our industry are in a very difficult situation, almost in the state of semi shutdown, shutdown, reorganization or exit. Therefore, in the printing machine industry, there are doubts, depression, pessimism and disappointment. The big question that we need to think about is whether the printing industry is a sunrise industry or a sunset industry? Is the future development of the industry promising or bleak

judging from the situation of the whole country, everyone is impacted by the macro situation. Why is the printing industry or printing machinery industry so impacted

firstly, to further improve the thermal insulation performance of inorganic products, there is an impact of network media on the printing industry, especially on the paper media industry such as newspapers, books and periodicals. Although other industries have influence, it is relatively small

secondly, there is a problem that the speed and level of the transformation of the printing machine industry are uneven, causing the current level of enterprises to open up and the polarization between good and bad enterprises. The production capacity of 600million ampere hours next year is completely different, and the reshuffle of the printing machine industry is obvious

ten years ago, many leading enterprises in the printing press industry withdrew, but some emerging industry development enterprises became leaders. It is not surprising that some enterprises have gone and closed down in the industry, which is normal. This shows the decisive role of the market. Your technology is out of date, your quality can not keep up, and your work in all aspects will inevitably be eliminated, which is a good thing for the development of the industry

how to view the current situation? I list some data analysis. It can be seen that from quantitative change to qualitative change, in a word, the printing machine industry is developing in a good and strong direction

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