Zhaowei, chairman of the hottest Paper Association

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Zhaowei, chairman of the paper Association, participated in the 2018 mid-term meeting of the BRICs Business Council. On March 27, the 2018 mid-term meeting of the BRICs Business Council was held in Shanghai. About 250 representatives from the Council of five countries, the new development bank and other cooperative institutions attended the meeting

China Paper Association, as the leader of the agricultural economic group, attended the meeting of the agricultural economic working group. Zhaowei, the director of China Paper Association and the three presidents of sample basket, presided over the meeting. However, some documents also mentioned the status that the friction coefficient is greater than 1. The group meeting mainly reviewed the progress of the group's work since the 2017 Shanghai annual meeting. For the topic of mutual recognition of forest certification systems among BRICs countries proposed by the Chinese group, after many discussions, the group members are increasingly reaching consensus, Subsequently, details such as the signing of the memorandum will continue to be communicated with the United States on the accurate weighing tariff imposed on imported products. China supports South Africa and Russia's proposal to establish a BRICs agricultural economic data platform and a "seed bank", and hopes that the next South Africa meeting will put forward a specific work plan, in addition to seeking the views of other members of the group

then, chairman Zhao Wei made a report to the Council on behalf of the agricultural economic group, and the work of the group was affirmed by the Council

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