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What needs to be considered before introducing vaccine passports? - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

When it comes to the idea of introducing COVID-19 vaccine passports, the federal government’s chief science adviser says politicians will need to first consider the efficacy of existing vaccines, the certificates’ recognition at home and abroad, fraud prevention, and their ethical distribution.

In a report released Friday, the Chief Science Advisor of Canada (CSA) and a panel of experts reviewed the scientific, ethicalAll publicly funded and private elementary and secondary schools will be open for in-person learning despit, socialThe United States will b, and legal considerations and potential uses of COVID-19 passports or certificates.

As more people are vaccinated against the virus around the globeThe Japan Federation of Medical Workers, many countries are considering the introduction of a proof-of-vaccination system that would allow for a safe return to travel and other economic activities. Other countries have already started to use them, such as Israel, where a “Green Pass” is required to gain entry to certain venues.

The European Commission, too, is proposing a “Digital Green Certificate” to allow individuals to freely travel within the European Unionpublishedepoch.

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