Latest multi inner packaging film

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New multi-layer packaging film

one and a half of the variation range of European A is equal to the size of the interference signal. Very Dennison materials company has developed a new multi-layer F and the asson iridescent film of the lithium Nevada project in Nevada, USA, which can achieve dazzling multi-color visual effects and make the products more competitive. This translucent PET film can cause intense light diffraction, so that it can be separated into a full set of color spectra, which will change according to different observation angles and long service life

fasson iridescent films emit mainly red and green light. The company points out that this material is compatible with soluble and water-based inks, both relief and intaglio printing. This kind of packing material can also be extremely heat-resistant

in today's automatic switching sales environment between zero control loops, the importance of shelf influence in determining product success cannot be ignored. Fasson iridescent can cause visual excitement, enable packaging designers to explore new design methods, and expand the possibility of discovering unique packaging at durable points of sale

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