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With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of the construction industry, ordinary glass can no longer meet the needs of society, and all kinds of safety glass and special glass have gradually entered the forefront of the glass industry. As a member of safety glass, fire-proof glass not only has some properties of ordinary glass, but also has the properties of retarding fire spread and heat insulation, and gradually gets people's favor. In case of fire, it creates important conditions for the rescue of personnel, property and buildings, and minimizes losses. It plays a decisive role in some important occasions with special requirements. With the introduction of the new national standard for fire-proof glass in 2001, Ms. Xiang YingYing and Ms. Chai Zhangfan's monolithic fire-proof glass are increasingly used in large-scale public building partitions, fire compartments, outdoor curtain walls and other building parts. The fire-proof glass is characterized by transparency, which maximizes the harmony and unity of building fire prevention and architectural aesthetics

the classification of fire-proof glass and the basic performance requirements of fire-proof glass, national standard gb15763 Strict regulations have been made in. The fire-proof glass classified by structure is composite fire-proof glass (FFB) and monolithic fire-proof glass (DFB); Composite fire-proof glass is a special glass composed of two or more layers of glass or one layer of glass and organic materials, which can meet the requirements of corresponding fire resistance rating. Monolithic fireproof glass is a special glass composed of single-layer glass and can meet the requirements of corresponding fire resistance rating

due to the poor weather resistance of composite fire-proof glass, many large glass stability glass groups abroad, such as AGC company in Japan, Schott company in Germany and Saint Gobain company in France, are actively studying single-chip fire-proof glass. This kind of fireproof glass has good weather resistance, never fades and does not lose transparency, which fully reflects the crystal clear characteristics of the glass. For example, the monolithic fire-proof glass pyran of German Schott company has been used on the indoor partitions of many occasions, such as the stands of Sheffield stadium in the UK, Manchester airport in the UK, London tobacco company, HSBC Bank in Hong Kong and so on. The monolithic fireproof glass of Saint Gobain company of France has been used in projects such as Shanghai Grand Theater

borosilicate 4.0 float glass is a kind of special monolithic fireproof glass (DFB). It can be used as an ideal fireproof material for fire doors, fire windows and fire partitions of public buildings such as high-end hotels, cinemas, exhibition halls, airports, stadiums, hospitals, libraries, commercial buildings and other civil and public buildings without fire zoning requirements. It is suitable for indoor abrasion resistance testing machine of buildings. It adopts microcomputer control, LCD dynamic display, motor 1 integration principle and outdoor application. According to the requirements, it can be combined with other glasses and processed into laminated or hollow glass with fire-proof function

compared with the traditional composite fire-proof glass, the biggest feature of single borosilicate 4.0 float glass is weather resistance, in addition to permeability, high strength and easy installation. Monolithic borosilicate 4.0 float glass has the following advantages: 1. Superior fire resistance, meeting the national fire resistance requirement of 180 minutes. 2. High strength, high hardness, and the same glass thickness. It can be said that the strength is times that of float glass and times that of tempered glass. 3. Safety: the fire-proof glass is in an obtuse angle state after being broken, and the fragments are smaller than those of tempered glass. 4. With high weather resistance, it will not have any changes that will affect the appearance and use performance under long-term ultraviolet radiation, and can maintain transparency and brightness for a long time

3. Comparison table of technical parameters of borosilicate 3.3 and borosilicate 4.0 glass

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