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Advertising function of OTC product packaging

packaging has an advertising function in addition to the protection function of products. Today, when the homogenization of OTC products is becoming more and more serious, we always hope to use a method to make the originally identical drugs have good creep resistance and wear resistance; Present to customers in a differentiated form. Undoubtedly, eye-catching packaging design, with its superior visual recognition, will help the goods stand out from many competitive products, so that consumers in need can pay attention, stop, observe, appreciate and generate purchase behavior. In order to make drug packaging produce better advertising effect, the following four aspects should be generally considered:

psychological needs of customers. First of all, as a good packaging, designers must understand the real needs of customers for products. For example, for health care products used for gifts, buyers may be more concerned about its packaging grade, and the size of the packaging will be selected according to the purpose: those given to elders may consider the solemn tone and exquisite style, but avoid too large volume, while those given to ordinary guests and friends will prefer slightly larger packaging. Some tonic products are used to highlight the honor and status of consumers. At this time, the common packaging design and materials in the market are difficult to meet the dignity and curiosity psychology of consumers. Only by doing some subversive design can we make the product taste unparalleled

if the required packaging cost is for some drugs with chronic diseases, and patients need to take them for a long time, they very much hope to pay the minimum purchase cost for the packaging, so they should try to consider practical and economic packaging. Another situation is that consumers want to simplify the packaging, because many people will think that it is a pity to throw away some packaging, and it takes up space not to throw it away. The most typical ones are the tin packaging of tea and some luxury moon cake packaging, and health products and tonic drugs should be used for reference

the advertising function of packaging first requires to reflect the product value, rather than weaken the product value. Too high-end or too low-end packaging will weaken the product value, so we must make clear the packaging demand cost that customers are willing to bear for the product. Is the price of big package Banlangen Granule more cost-effective than that of small package? Cold medicines in large packages are cheaper than those in small packages, but do patients need them? How much packaging will reduce waste to the lowest point? This is the question of what kind of packaging cost can more arouse the purchase desire of rational consumers

the convenience of packaging to meet the needs, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of drug packaging, the ease of opening, the convenience of packaging and so on, will affect consumers' purchase decisions. The packaging expected by consumers often implies the convenience of consumption. The most typical is ointment drugs. A sharp needle is designed in the cap, which is very convenient to puncture the aluminum seal. In the past, many plastic packaged granules must be opened with the help of teeth or scissors, but now most of these packages have a small mouth, which can be opened with a gentle pull, which takes into account the convenience of demand

realize the packaging communication of needs. Careful consumers will find that nowadays, the packaging of many drugs is no longer just simple words or patterns, and a packaging that is easy to impress customers is often illustrated. For example, the platinum card is often exposed to the graphics of drinking water and the words "young and healthy products" on the outer box because of the filter element shell, water tank and other containers. It is matched with a pleasing blue, so that 8. The clamping diameter of the round sample: φ (2) 6mm packaging is very advertising effect: the cartoon modeling of the old man and the old woman has made people feel happy. How can it not be exciting to see the sensational advertising language

for example, some products with rich historical allusions and humanistic colors are often mixed with beautiful words. The power of words is enough to lead consumers' thoughts in a moment. For example, the "filial piety map" of Nianci in Hong Kong is a model of such communication. When the packaging of a product can use graphics or words to communicate with consumers, or lead consumers to yearn, the packaging of this product is undoubtedly very successful

packaging can be divided into two types, namely rational packaging and emotional packaging. Rational consumers choose rational packaging in most cases, while emotional consumers usually only choose products with emotional packaging. Therefore, before deciding to impress your consumers through packaging design, please think more: do you need to impress consumers with rational consumption or emotional consumption? Are they more rational or more emotional when making purchase decisions

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