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The United States will launch packaging materials made of strawberries

food science experts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture said that a new environmental friendly food packaging is expected to come out in the near future. This new packaging material is completely made of crushed strawberries. It is estimated that this kind of packaging material is likely to replace the traditional polyethylene plastic film and become the main material in the food packaging industry in the future

in the test, the packaging film made of this new material can not only keep fresh, but also improve the taste of bananas, apples and other fruits. Experts said that in the near future, not only strawberries, but also carrots, cauliflower and other vegetables and fruits can also be used as packaging materials. There is no doubt that this new type of packaging material will make food bags. Which one is better? In addition, add a layer of polyurethane on the outside? Many buyers are asking this question. There is a revolution in the packaging industry

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