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BenQ BenQ 24 inch LCD ew2440l has the function of eye protection, blue light filtering and non flashing screen

benq BenQ 24 inch hot-selling LCD recommended: BenQ BenQ 24 inch borderless LCD ew2440l eye protection, blue light filtering and non flashing screen, then this BenQ BenQ 24 inch LCD should have an effective cooling device. How about the display ew2440l? Please refer to BenQ BenQ BenQ 24 inch LCD ew2440l for comments and quotations on unqualified experiments, Share it with you for reference

benq BenQ 24 inch LCD ew2440l configuration features: [24 inch ultra-thin borderless top-level visual and audio enjoyment] [a+ screen from Youda, strong color accuracy] [178 ° ultra wide viewing angle, no dead corner] [blue light filtering, no flash screen BenQ opens a new era of eye protection] [MHL interface small screen becomes larger, screen is absolutely nothing] slow! Tmall quotes, and the sales market is as follows:

BenQ BenQ 24 inch liquid crystal display ew2440l start with friend comments:

Friend 1: I have to say after I bought the monitor, I got it and installed it quickly. The shipment of double eleven is really fast and fast, and the next day arrived. After I opened it, I was very satisfied with everything in appearance, and light alloy will damage my appearance. Of course, the common problem of boys is that good-looking is not enough. After the performance test, it was really great, Master Lu identified it as an excellent monitor, especially if you filter blue light with your eyes for a long time, it will protect your eyes. There are ah in the figure. The color of Tu Haojin is also versatile, but there is one thing, the color of protecting your eyes will make white yellowish. 2 Whether it is to turn on the main power switch or change direction of the friction damage server, but the eyes are more important! Anyway, I'm satisfied

friend 2: it feels good to get it. After testing, it should be regarded as a perfect screen. The packaging is very good, and the machine is high-end and magnificent. I think this price is quite worthwhile, satisfied

friend 3: fast! No bright spot or light leakage. Even if the seat is slightly uneven, it is normal. Once on. Very atmospheric, great! Install a new host, like one. Thank you for your customer service photography lion

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