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Brand strategy and international competitiveness at present, the whole country, from the government to public opinion, "brand" is getting more and more attention. In the implementation of brand strategy, enterprises are ahead. Brand is not only an important symbol of an enterprise's economic strength and market reputation, but also related to a country's economic strength. How many brands a country has is not only a symbol of its economic strength, but also the embodiment of the overall quality of a nation. Therefore, from the strategic height of realizing national prosperity and national rejuvenation, we should encourage national excellent enterprises to strive for world-class brands

attach importance to brand strategy

enterprises must implement brand strategy and recognize the importance of brand from a strategic height to enhance their international competitiveness

first of all, from the perspective of consumption, with the gradual improvement of people's consumption ability, consumers pay more and more attention to the non-material connotation of goods - personality and quality. In an age when people were short of food and clothing and paid for everything, people were satisfied as long as they bought goods. After the reform and opening up, the whole national economy has developed rapidly, people's living standards have been greatly improved, and materials have been greatly enriched. Everyone's understanding of the concept of commodities is completely different. We have entered the era of expressing our spiritual demands through products, and a new era of brand consumption has arrived

at present, the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. Any enterprise wants to surpass the other party, but how to surpass is the key. In the past, more price wars were fought, but this is a vicious circle, and the result will only backfire; We advocate using creativity to enhance the value of our products and surpass each other with brands; Or establish a better business model to win in the market competition. In a sense, Mengniu Group can surpass its peers in just seven years, not only by the product itself, nor by fighting a price war, but by relying on things other than products and prices to stand out. This sharp weapon is the brand. The implementation of brand strategy by enterprises is to have the spirit of self transcendence and continuous innovation. Therefore, for enterprises, brand strategy is a kind of vitality

since 2005, China has become the third largest trading country and exporter in the world. However, among China's top 200 export enterprises in 2005, original design manufacturers (OEMs) and foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 4/5. There are only a dozen enterprises such as Huawei, Haier and TCL that really have their own brands, and they all rank lower. If China does not want to become the victim of globalization tomorrow, it must establish a truly competitive brand as soon as possible in the global competitive environment. Although China's GDP has accounted for 5% of the world's share, it mainly relies on high energy consumption to develop the economy, which not only destroys local resources, but also threatens the lives and property of local people. This road cannot realize the sustainable development of the country

in terms of the tertiary industry structure, the more economically developed countries are, the greater the proportion of their service industry in their entire national economy; The more economically backward countries are, the more they need to rely on raw materials and traditional processing. As the world's largest power, the largest industry in the United States is the service industry, that is, the cultural and creative industry. The economic growth rate of Britain in recent years is 5%, and the contribution rate of its creative industry accounts for 95%. British Prime Minister Tony Blair said: Britain can have no prime minister, but it can't be without creativity. It can be seen how important creative industries are to the economic development of a country or region. The competition between countries not only depends on hard power, but also includes soft power. When you buy American products, Japanese products, consume American food, and enjoy American movies, you have actually accepted their cultural input. In the global competition, not only the product quality should be unique, the appearance also gives the packaging more sense of design and recognition, but also conveys its own unique cultural values through products. Throughout the development history of human society, the reason why Chinese history can last for 5000 years shows that Chinese culture is the most competitive. Where is the charm of Chinese culture and where are the Chinese brand elements? We need our enterprises to carefully study and explore

how to implement brand strategy

at present, there are four misunderstandings in our understanding of brand: brand is equal to quality; Famous brand is brand; Small enterprises do not need to be brands; Brand will increase current and marketing costs. Wrong understanding has affected the enthusiasm of enterprises to create brands. Enterprises should not only pay attention to the brand, but also implement the brand strategy

(1) scientifically understand brand strategy

"brand ring" systematically and profoundly summarizes the concepts of value, function, emotion, story, image, concept and system with the thought of Tai Chi philosophy. "Brand ring" enables us to understand the value of brand from the height of philosophy and the tentacles of human nature. However, the establishment of a brand still needs to be guided by advanced methodology. 7F brand management model summarizes the formation process of brand equity from information integration → brand planning → brand design → brand validation → brand promotion → brand monitoring → brand promotion, which has practical guiding significance for us to establish and manage a brand

the greatest achievement of a successful enterprise is to become a national brand. As the Japanese Prime Minister said, I have Sony on my left face and Toyota on my right. When many enterprises mention brands, they go to CCTV bidding king. In fact, the most important thing to create a brand is not just advertising. The connotation of a brand includes three levels. Product brands - haifeisi, Piao Rou, panting; Enterprise brands - P & G, China Mobile, Ge (General Electric); National brands - French perfume, Italian leather goods, Swiss watches, German cars, American Hollywood blockbusters, made in China (OEM cheap). Only by making solid progress step by step can we become a national brand. This process requires long-term persistence and efforts

at present, there are three trends in the development of global brands: first, from commodity brands to channel brands, such as Wal Mart and Gome chain stores. The homogenization of products is becoming more and more serious, and there are more and more brands; Second, from tangible brands to intangible brands, such as FedEx, Baidu, etc., the proportion of the service industry is increasing, and the service industry needs to make its business tangible through brands; Third, from independent brands to joint brands, super girl voice: Hunan Satellite TV and Mengniu Dairy are such successful cases

(2) brand building is to create personality

the connotation of product brand includes many aspects. First, in terms of function, if it is milk, it must first have nutritional function; A bottle of water should be able to quench thirst, which is the most basic function of the product. In addition, the brand also has spiritual and cultural connotation. If it only stays at the level of function, it is easy to be surpassed by others. Brand competition is not only reflected in technology. In the past, watches were simple timers, but now the connotation of watches has been very rich. Some watches cost millions, and it conveys a kind of value. The object of any enterprise to launch products is living people, and everyone has personality, so when launching products, enterprises should ask themselves a question: what is the personality of the brand I launch

due to long-term cultural precipitation, the products of various countries have formed their own brand characteristics. German brands are precise and rigorous, French brands are romantic, and Italian and American brands also have their own concepts? What do Chinese brands represent in global brands, dragon, great wall, or something else? What are the elements and culture it contains? At present, some Chinese products are first associated with low price in the world, which should be highly valued by the country. At a certain stage of development, the enterprise brand may consider more about the connotation of the enterprise, but when the enterprise develops to a certain stage, the brand actually represents the national culture. The most important core of building a brand is to solve the problem of "who am I"

corporate culture is the expression of corporate values. There is no distinction between high and low culture, only differences. We can't take it for granted that the capital culture of Beijing is better than the local culture of small villages in Hunan. As long as it is true and authentic, both are equally great. Only the national is the world. So behind the brand is culture, because the most important core of the brand is to convey its unique values to consumers

(3) brand cannot be separated from creativity

enterprise development cannot be separated from creativity, which many enterprises may experience. Great creativity in planning; There are also small ideas. On a large level, creativity is the design of business model. A small idea is how to express an idea. The combination of super girl voice and Mengniu is a successful idea

here is a practical case of how to improve the value of a small brand. The entrusting party of the project is a distillery in Hunan, whose product name is Longxing Tianxia. The products are not well-known, and the packaging does not reflect the corporate culture. Generally speaking, there are two modes of wine marketing, one is advertising; One is group buying. From the perspective of the cultural tension of the theme of "dragon travel around the world", the planner suggests that enterprises implement the dragon travel around the world brand alliance plan, and combine the cultural connotation of wine with leading enterprises in other industries, such as Gome dragon travel around the world, to become a gift wine customized by leading enterprises, so as to achieve an alliance relationship. In order to clarify the original brand connotation of the enterprise, the planner has developed a new product for the enterprise: Longxing world supreme. In the past, only the emperor could be called a dragon, and only the supreme could the Dragon walk the world. Loess, yellow skin and yellow color are the symbols of China. Therefore, when redesigning the product packaging, serious and golden photos are used to strive for grandeur and taste. The wine bottle is changed to a round bottle to make it consistent with the feeling of the product. The design of the whole marketing system and business model is a kind of creativity, and various elements express their cultural demands. Wine is a homogeneous product, which adds connotation to the packaging and injects creativity into the product, and the gold content of Longxing world has been greatly improved

creativity is the refinement and appeal of brand values. What kind of business model to promote your brand and make consumers accept it is the key. Enterprises are the main body of brand building. Enterprises should establish a brand management system and a chief brand officer system. The boss of many enterprises may be the chief brand officer of their own enterprises

creative industries are not isolated, and enterprises themselves cover creative industries. In the past, American General Motors was mainly engaged in manufacturing, and now its service industry accounts for more than 60% - 70% of the share. Now many domestic enterprises have also done so, including Yuanda air conditioner in Hunan, China. I feel that every house and everything in Yuanda air conditioning plant has good taste. The understanding of culture and art by the enterprise management is ideally reflected through external materials. Entering Yuanda air conditioner seems to come to a paradise, which reflects the management level of the enterprise everywhere

enterprises should always pay attention to culture and creativity when implementing brand strategy. The factors that need to be considered when purchasing electronic tensile testing machines in the city are the same as field development. It is necessary to sell and express the corporate culture. The harmony between the two exceeds the Vietnam War Zone, and the sales of products can be opened. Only by making excellent brands that represent the excellent cultural connotation of the Chinese nation, can enterprises have international competitiveness, become famous national brands, and go global. (end)

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