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Beijing Infocomm China 2020 webinar registration for the third webinar began on August 26

after the Beijing Infocomm China 2020 webinar was broadcast in July, it received a warm response from participants. The webinar is about to enter the third webinar, which will start at 2 p.m. on Wednesday (August 26)

the theme of this seminar is future education: future intelligent classroom video and audio technology and applications. We will deeply share and discuss how professional audio-visual software and hardware and information communication technology can build future intelligent education scenes, realize more diversified functions and interactive tools, make teaching more vivid and interesting, achieve efficient learning, and improve the efficiency and quality of distance education, discussion and communication

want to have a glimpse of the future smart classroom and understand how to achieve digital and efficient teaching, discussion and exchange with the help of cutting-edge information technology? Then you must come and listen to the Infocomm China 2020 webinar next week! Speakers from Huawei, Sofitel and ivetron will bring wonderful cases and technology sharing

August 26 (next Wednesday) 14:00 - 15:30

[future education: future smart classroom video and audio technology and applications]

14:00 - 14:25

"Huawei intelligent collaboration helps intelligent education"

Lecturer: Yuan Hui

director of solutions in Huawei's intelligent collaboration field

joined Huawei in 2005 as director of solutions in Huawei's intelligent collaboration field. 5 years of product development and 10 years of overseas sales experience

topic summary

Huawei smart education so when you buy, you should go to the factory to see whether the machine is really quality guaranteed. The education solution is a distance teaching solution based on the audio and video and connection capabilities of Huawei's video platform. It can be applied to remote real-time interactive teaching and local group discussion teaching, and has the teaching capabilities of multi machine tracking, remote interactive teaching, local discussion teaching, learning management and so on

14:30 - 14:55

"future education: future smart classroom video and audio technology and application"

Lecturer: Li Haowei

manager of the Technology Department of Shenzhen shengfeite Technology Co., Ltd.

is responsible for the pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales and other technical support work of Shenzhen shengfeite Technology Co., Ltd

topic summary

part I: current situation of educational audio and video system

Part II: what will the audio and video system of smart classroom look like in the future, how to build it, and what are the characteristics of a series of challenges brought to all industries of food contact materials

15:00 - 15:25

"smart empowerment, insight into the future - all IP technology smart classroom system"

Lecturer: Yan Yufeng

has been the technical director of Wuhan Huajin Technology (ivetron) since 2009

has worked for Huawei for years, responsible for the research and development of video conference products

topic summary

based on all IP technology, the new generation of smart classroom system brings more value to teaching

the teaching environment in Colleges and universities is from offline to online and then to cloud end integration. New teaching modes such as small class teaching, flipped classroom and hybrid teaching are being popularized

this speech analyzes and discusses the characteristics of various forms of smart classroom application cases, such as lecture type, interactive discussion type, practical inquiry type, observation and training type, especially the remote interconnection type suitable for the epidemic period

the networking seminar is free, and a question and answer session is opened

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the agenda of the webinar is as follows. Please pay attention to

in addition to participating in the webinar, we sincerely invite you to attend the Beijing Infocomm China 2020 exhibition grandly held at the National Convention Center in Beijing on September

at that time, more than 450 domestic and foreign exhibitors will gather to display leading professional audio-visual and integrated experience technologies and solutions. During the three days of the exhibition, a series of high experimental precision: <1n peak meetings will be held, covering professional audio-visual technology solutions related to multiple vertical industries such as hotels, transportation, tourism, activities, enterprises and education, as well as technical seminars specially created for audio-visual and IT professionals. In addition, the exhibition will also launch the nixt conference 2020 - to discuss the disruptive new generation technologies and solutions in the fields of new media and entertainment, intelligent manufacturing, retail, smart city and transportation

pre registration of visitors to Beijing Infocomm China exhibition is now open. Register through the exhibition immediately

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