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With the launch of cu8890, Beckhoff's industrial PC accessory product series has been further improved through WLAN modules suitable for industrial applications. Industrial PCs can be seamlessly integrated into the Ethernet network through USB to WLAN adapters. In terms of electromagnetic compatibility, the WLAN terminal box suitable for installation on DIN rail meets the most stringent industry standards and is suitable for use in occasions with harsh working conditions and environments

with the launch of cu8890, Beckhoff's industrial PC accessory product series has been further improved through WLAN modules suitable for industrial applications

beckhoff cu8890 complies with WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g standard, and can be easily installed in the control cabinet using an integrated DIN rail adapter. If it is connected with an industrial PC with USB port, the controller can easily exchange all data based on udp/tcp independently of the fieldbus, and can be used as both an access point and a client. Since the client drivers support Windows XP, embedded standard and windows CE, these drivers also support all Beckhoff industrial PCs and embedded PC series. Cu8890 can also be run as an access point with the help of software drivers for Windows XP and embedded standard

cu8890 is equipped with an SMA conversion plug, which can connect various radio antennas to match the specific working environment. Beckhoff can provide a full range of antennas and cables for various specific applications and working conditions. Depending on the environmental conditions, the distance between two cu8890 modules can be up to 300 m in the open area. Users can choose between 11 channels in the 2.4 GHz band, and must comply with the relevant laws and regulations of various countries

cu8890 WLAN controller has entered the European market; Now, we are also striving for the market access qualification required to put the equipment into other countries

about Germany Beifu

Germany then re calibrate the sensor at the same time, so as to improve its utilization in products such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, anti-corrosion coatings, conductive inks, heat conducting and radiating devices, tires, textiles, high-end environmental treatment materials, graphene lubricants, etc. the headquarters of Beifu Automation Co., Ltd. is located in Weill, Germany. Domestic enterprises, scientific research institutions and other enterprises and institutions have gradually begun to enter the independent research and development of products in this field. The company has branches all over the world, plus global partners. At present, the company's business has spread over more than 60 countries

Bifu always takes the new automation technology based on PC as the development concept of the company. The industrial computers, fieldbus modules, drive products and TwinCAT control software produced by Bifu constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. In the past 30 years, the components and system solutions of Beifu company have been widely used all over the world

since the establishment of the Beijing Representative Office in March, 2001, the company's business in China has developed rapidly. It has successively established Shanghai Representative Office and Guangzhou Representative Office, and set up liaison offices in Ningbo, Wuhan, Chengdu and Qingdao. In August, 2007, the Shanghai Representative Office officially established biff China after the transformation, and moved the headquarters of biff China to Shanghai. As various new products and technologies with good cost performance continue to enter the Chinese market, its concept of daring to break the traditional control mode and vigorously promoting PC control new technology has been accepted by more and more Chinese users. For more information, please visit Beckhoff Chinese official website

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