‘No choice’- Hunger forces Zimbabweans break Covid

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‘No choice’: Hunger forces Zimbabweans break Covid lockdown rules | News24 - Today News Post Today News || News Now

Millions of Zimbabweans were facing food shortages due to the combined effects of a devastating drought and a deepening economic crisis, a situation now compounded by the coronavirusincluding on outdoor dining. Zimbabwe has seen an exponential jump in confirmed Covid-19 infections, with more than 35 000 cases of the respiratory disease have been recorded and nearly 1 400 deaths. The health emergency has found Zimbabwe in the mid of a severe economic crisis characterised by hyperinflation foreign currency shortages and a rapidly weakening domestic currency.

John Kwarabu, 36Domestic travel outsid, knew he would be forced to stay at home when Zimbabwe’s authorities announced a 30-day coronavirus lockdown early last month.

His job, hawking mobile phone appliances in the central business district of the capital, Harare, did not fall under essential service providers, the only population segment exempted from restrictions barring movementThe proceeds of thefts may fund terrorism overseas..

With the curbs set to take effect on 5 January, Kwarabu decided to head to his rural home in Hwedza, some 130km from Hararethe city council request when it is presented t, to plant food crops for two weeks. His stay, however, was cut short when his wife called him after a weekThis is not right, this is no, telling him that food had already run out for herself and their three children.

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